Why should I order from StickerWolf?

This is a great question… because we use the best vinyl and laminate combo around, we have very competitive prices, terrific customer service, fast turnaround times and we’re mighty easy on the eyes, too. We promise we don’t bite.

What do you offer in addition to stickers?

We also offer Transfer Decals, Labels, Drink Coasters, Keg Collars and Keg Wraps! We’ll be adding more items in the near future.

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What are the minimums for stickers, labels, keg collars or coasters?

We don’t have minimums for stickers, labels, keg collars or keg wraps. But, do to the process in which the coasters are produced, there’s a minimum of 1,000.

Are StickerWolf stickers waterproof or dishwasher safe?

You bet! We use the best over-laminate we could find. It’s 100% waterproof and holds up to the dishwasher like it’s nobody’s business. The over-laminate also have a 5-7 Year UV protection, too. So you can rest assured, even in direct sunlight, they’ll hold up for years!

What materials do you use?

While we cannot divulge exactly what materials we use, we can tell you this… we use a 3mil vinyl that sticks to darn-near anything. We then add an optically clear, 5-to-7 Year UV protective, 3mil over-laminate to the face of the sticker, for the best protection around – 100% vinyl means 100% weather and waterproof, which also means 100% awesomeness!

How much is shipping?

We ship Stickers for FREE in the USA, US Territories, US Military Bases and Puerto Rico. Orders outside of the USA will be based/priced on a case-by-case basis.

Can you design my sticker?

Absolutely, we can help you with that… we provide free setup for all sticker orders and sometimes we offer free design services, too. If the design you need is quick and simple, it could very well be on-the-house. If it’ll take some time, we charge an hourly rate.

REACH OUT about our design rates!

What type of art should I send to StickerWolf?

We accept a lot of different formats… anything high resolution (300dpi – TIF, JPG, PNG, PSD, PDF) works great, or anything vector works even better (files ending in AI, EPS, SVG and/or PDF). Some files we cannot accept are Powerpoint, Word Docs, GIF and Excel.

How much are stickers?

We receive this question quite a bit… there are a lot of factors in pricing stickers, namely square inches and quantity. Without knowing the size, most importantly, we cannot price them for you. Just like buying a car, you can’t walk onto a car lot and ask how much cars cost because there are many variables to take into consideration.

Will I have to pay tax on my order?

Taxes are only required to be added to orders inside the state of Florida. Everywhere else is tax free!

How does the ordering process work?

We prefer you pay for your order right before it goes into production… so, when you place an order, we receive a drafted invoice with your information on it. Once we receive that, and your artwork, we’ll do a proof/layout for you – we’ll email it to you. After it’s exactly how you’d like it to look, and it’s all approved and good to go, we’ll send you the final invoice for payment. Once the invoice is paid, we work it into the production queue and let ‘er rip!

Can I print in 3 color, 2 color, black and white or full color CMYK?

We print in full color CMYK. No difference in pricing for black and white or full color.

Will my stickers have a matte or gloss finish?

We offer both a gloss and matte laminate – same ratings, same protection, no difference in price! If you do not specify a laminate on your order, we use gloss as the default.

More info about our materials.

What shapes are available?

Any shape you want! Our machines don’t know the difference in shapes, so why should we charge different prices for different shapes? Any shape, all the same price. We like to keep it simple.