THE WOLF PACK – Monthly Sticker Club

Do you love stickers?  Do you collect and/or trade stickers?  Well, we print a lot of stickers – like a lot, a lot – and there are always extras, most of which we pass onto our customers, some of which we keep.  When you sign up for The Wolf Pack, you’ll receive 11 stickers of varying sizes and designs – and it’s all random, so it’s always a mystery… everything from breweries, to bands and beyond!

Wolf Packs will ship once per month.  If you sign up after the 10th of the month, you’ll receive the following month’s Wolf Pack.  Wolf Pack No 1 will ship in October.

Every month, or quarterly, we’ll be donating all proceeds, after costs, to charity.  Our inaugural charity of choice is The American Red Cross – since we’re in Orlando, Florida and it’s presently Hurricane Season – many Floridians, as well as others in neighboring states, will be in need of assistance due to sustained damages and loses due to hurricanes this season.


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